Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea

Author: Morgan Callan Rogers

Read: August 2017

I am going to go ahead and give this title an abbreviation now because it’s a long one. Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea (RRH) is only 305 pages. I read it fairly quickly and I enjoyed every bit of it. The cover made me want to head to Maine right away.

The story starts out in the year of 1963 with the main character, Florine, at the age of twelve. She lives in Maine with her parents, her grandmother, and her group of friends. It’s a nice, small town where everybody knows everybody. Her dad has a boat that he takes out to go lobster fishing and her mother is a stay-at-home mom. Florine’s mother, Carly, takes a trip every summer with her best friend up to another town to get away for a bit. That year, though, she disappeared.

Florine starts pushing away all those close to her and she’s left to try to figure out how to go on living without her beloved mother to guide her. She steadily grows older and has to deal with changes and heartbreak that she needs her mother to help her with. Though Carly’s disappearance isn’t written on every page, it’s there lurking. It’s the reason for all the pain and the hurt that Florine endures. You’re constantly wondering what happened to Carly and will Florine finally find peace?

• • • • •

I somehow managed to read multiple books in August about mothers disappearing. One of them I knew was about a mom running off, but the other two surprised me. Reading them made me want to appreciate my own mom more. I really enjoyed reading RRH. It was deep without being too dark and it was light without drawing away from the fact that this is a story about a young girl who lost her mother. I liked the writing style. The author captured the voice of a twelve-year-old all the way up to an eighteen-year-old perfectly. I don’t like when authors fix everything within the last chapter of a book. I didn’t get that feeling with RRH at all. It felt good and right when it ended. A sort of happy ending for Florine despite all the pain she had to go through to get there.

If you’d like to see the cover you can check out my Instagram account. I posted a picture of it a couple of weeks ago.

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