Summer 2018 Favorites

Summer is coming to an end and now that it’s September, I thought I’d share some things I loved these past few months! Personally, I love fall. I think it’s the most beautiful time of the year and I’m very excited for cooler temperatures and cozy sweaters. Right now, though, we’re still in a bit of a transition from summer to fall. So while I look forward to the next season, let’s look back at some of my favorites from the last one!

  • My short hair!IMG_8471

I got my hair cut back in April in preparation for summer. A friend of the family (who has cut my hair multiple times) did it for me and I love it! The last time I had my hair short was in the fifth grade and my hair did this weird flip-in-toward-my-face thing. I did not like that. So I was hesitant to get it cut short again, but I finally convinced myself to just do it and I was very pleased with how it turned out.

  • Working. And not working.

So, during the month of June (and a little bit of July), I was working with my family to fix up a house. Unfortunately, the project was put on pause and we haven’t been able to work on it. But when we were, it was really fun to work with my sister everyday and hang out while working. I had made enough money to pay for my rent for the entire summer, so I didn’t need to work those last two months. I am a lazy person, so I loved not having to get up early and work every day this summer.

  • Not spending money.

Okay. Since I didn’t work for most of the summer, I didn’t have a lot of spending money. It covered my rent but I didn’t have anything extra. I usually tend to just buy whatever I want when I’m in the store. (I know. My bank account really loves that.) But, I couldn’t do that, so this summer showed me that I need to be budgeting better. I need to be responsible with my money all the time, not just when I don’t have any at the moment.

I’ve put myself on a book-buying ban because of this. That’s where a lot of my money goes. Plus, I’m still trying to make room for all the books I already have!

  • K-pop (BTS)

I have been watching Kdramas since I was 14 (15?). I have watched a lot of them and I usually love the soundtracks. But, I never once tried to listen to K-pop or Korean music. In fact, one of my best friends tried to get me to listen to some of the K-pop she listened to, but I didn’t see why I would want to. (For some reason, I thought it would be too weird if I watched their tv shows and listened to their music.) But this past summer, I decided to give it a try. “Fake Love,” by BTS was one of the firsts that I listened to. It popped up on my Spotify and I actually really loved it! I’ve slowly been branching out and listening to more than just BTS.

(If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments! I’d love to listen to more artists! Or just more BTS songs that you love?)

  • Kacey Musgraves (“Golden Hour” Album)

I liked some of Kacey Musgraves songs from previous albums, but I fell in love with every. single. song. on this album. I’m in love with her voice and the sound of the entire album. I listened to the whole thing on repeat for days this summer. (I’m listening to it now, as I write this list.) It’s such a beautiful album. I want everyone to listen to it and fall in love with Kacey Musgraves. I need more music just like this!

  • My red pinafore dress!IMG_8415

I love this dress. It’s one of my favorite items in my closet! I’ve owned this dress for a few years now, but I wore it more times this past summer than I had the entire time I owned it. I didn’t really get a chance to wear it last summer because I was working then. The thing is, I’m not someone who likes to wear dresses often, but I found myself wishing I could wear it all the time! I really fell in love with it this year. Unfortunately, I accidentally shrunk it a little. But luckily it was already a little too big, so now it kind of fits better! Just a happy accident, I guess.

This picture was clearly taken before I got my hair cut, but I can’t find any other pictures of me wearing this dress. It was also taken before I shrunk it.

  • Washington Summers

I have lived in western Washington for most of my life. I love the weather here, year-round. I think it’s the best weather and I love living here. The summers are amazing. The days feel like they last forever because the sun doesn’t set until way late into the evening. The summer nights are warm and cozy. The air during the day is breezy and you can sit outside without feeling like you’re dying from the heat. The bugs aren’t even that bad. Besides the mosquitos, I don’t think we have much of anything.

I won’t lie, there is a part of the summer where it’s so hot that you just melt. Our house doesn’t have air conditioning, so it sucks. A lot. But I’m sure it’s better if you have a cooling system other than fans that just move the hot air around. I don’t like that part of the summer. It usually happens toward the end, so you don’t suffer too long.


So there you have it! Those were some of my favorite things from this past summer season. Let me know what your favorite thing was this summer! Did you go on a holiday? Or did you have a pretty low-key summer like me?

I hope you all had an amazing summer! I hope it was fun and you got to spend time doing things you love! As much as I enjoyed summer, I am so ready for fall. So, here’s to the next season, my favorite season!

Love, Lece

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