Children of Blood and Bone

Author: Tomi Adeyemi

Read: August 2018


Why on Earth did I wait this long to read Children of Blood and Bone? I can’t believe that I was putting it off! Honestly, I was scared to pick it up because of the hype. I love fantasy, but I wasn’t sure if this would live up to all of the hype surrounding this book.

Oh my goodness! It did. It definitely did. Why did I ever think that it wouldn’t?? I don’t know. But, okay this book is great. Amazing. Wonderful. Fantastic. All of those things and more. I am here to spread the news and feed the hype flames!  You all should read this and fall in love with the characters and the story and the magic system. It’s such a good book, you know?

I really love the main character, Zélie. I love angry girl characters. They’re my favorite thing to read and my petty side rejoices in all of the spiteful things Zélie did. I love when girls are angry. It’s something that I really connect with and I see myself (or my younger self) in those bad choices or mean words. I’m stubborn and I used to be mean to people that I didn’t like and I’d hold grudges. I was an angry kid and that’s why I love angry characters, especially angry girl characters. I just love them. I want more of them in books. Give me all the angry girls. Give me all the angry girls that start out mean and then the layers slip away and you learn that they are beautiful, strong characters that are willing to do what needs to be done and sometimes they come off as mean, angry girls. I just love those ones, you know? They’re great and I love them and that’s what Zélie was.

You crushed us to build your monarchy on the backs of our blood and bone. Your mistake wasn’t keeping us alive. It was thinking we’d never fight back!

– Children of Blood and Bone, pg. 416

I love that this book talks about how Zélie is dealing with losing her mother. Her mother is literally her driving force and I loved that that loss was shown as an important part of who Zélie is. The death of her mother was tragic and it left deep scars in her and her family. After so many years, watching her mother being dragged away and hanged wasn’t just going to be something that faded in her memory. I liked that there was no going around that. This book shows how important family is and I loved reading about Zélie’s, even after the loss of an integral member.

Seriously though, I only had one problem with this book. The romance(s). I love love and I love when romance is thrown in with everything else. But. This book has a little too much for me and it happens a little too quickly for me. I am a huge fan of the enemies to lovers trope. I also am, and forever will be, a fan of the slow-burn romance. I think that the evolution of the relationship between Zélie and Inan happened too fast. I know that this book is a chunky brick and you might be thinking, “what are you talking about? It developed throughout the entire book.” Well, no. It didn’t. It doesn’t start until a ways into the book and I was not impressed by it. I think that I would have preferred them to either stay enemies or just become friends.

Everybody just got paired up. Amari got together with Tzain and I think that I liked their relationship more than Zélie’s and Inan’s. This one was happening in the background, and it was happening slowly. Though I think it was better, I didn’t necessarily like it. As I said, I like books that include romance mixed in with everything else, but I wish that this book didn’t focus as much on the romances.

But. What I did love was the relationship between Zélie and Amari. It’s not romantic, but it was the slow-burn development that I needed. I loved them together. When they first met, Zélie couldn’t stand Amari. And when Amari felt weak and needed the tough love, Zélie wasn’t afraid to give it to her. (Although, that was probably because she didn’t like her. But, still.) They got close as the book goes on, and ended up doing so much to save the other. They helped each other see the strong women they could be and (uggghhh) I just love them.

I rest my forehead against hers, and we sit in a comfortable silence, translating our love through touch. The Princess and the Warrior, I decide in my head. When they tell the story of tomorrow, that is what they shall call it.

– Children of Blood and Bone, pg. 487

Other than the romances, I really enjoyed this book. I was never sure what was going to happen. Or, when I did, I was always wrong. Like the ending?? Oh. My. Goodness. I wasn’t expecting that! I had heard that the ending was shocking and people were a little distraught over it. Knowing that, I should have been prepared. But, by the of this 525-page book, I forgot about it. I don’t think it would have mattered though. I’m pretty sure nothing would have prepared me for the way Children of Blood and Bone ended!

Does everyone have magic now? Including all the people who weren’t maji to begin with, like Amari? I’m literally shook. I’m not sure what to do with myself now. I have to wait so long for the sequel! I can’t wait for it to be released! I need to know what happens next!!

How did you like Children of Blood and Bone? Are you excited for the sequel? Do you agree with how I feel about the romances? Let me know down below!

Happy Reading!

Love, Lece


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