The Hate U Give

Author: Angie Thomas

Read: August 2018

I wasn’t exactly sleeping on this one, but I was kind of sleeping on this one. I sometimes just get really nervous about over-hyped books, and this one definitely had a lot of hype! I always worry that I’m not going to like it or love it as much as everybody else. Luckily, I’m usually able to forget about those things when I actually start to read the book.

This book was so worth the hype though. I listened to the audiobook and I loved the narrator. I think she did an excellent job with creating different voices for the characters, but I especially loved Starr’s voice. I think it was perfect for her. I don’t know if that’s the narrator’s natural voice or if she chose a voice for Starr that would fit her, but either way, I loved it.

Speaking of characters, I LOVED Starr’s family and the scenes in the book where they are all together. Obviously, The Hate U Give covers intense topics and deals with the serious issue of police brutality and the effects it has. But those moments in between, when they were just being a family, was what I connected with. I’m not black. I’ve never witnessed police brutality like this. I’ve never faced racial criticism the way Starr and her family, and her entire neighborhood, has.

I just love her relationship she has with her siblings and her parents. I loved how realistic it was. It felt like a real family, everything felt natural. The way they reacted to things happening and, when Starr got in trouble, the way they reacted to that, it all felt like something that would actually happen. I love authentic characters and family unit that feels like a real family, one that would actually exist.

I love the way Angie Thomas wrote this story. It’s a young adult novel, so it’s meant for a teenage audience. I love that it didn’t feel fake. Everything about this book felt real and natural. Thomas approaches the issues within the novel in a way that’s easy to understand, without simplifying the entire situation. There’s no censoring, no cutting out the “bad” stuff for the sake of the kids. It’s so authentic and it makes for a beautiful story. It was an emotional book and I was crying while reading some parts. I loved this book. Everything about it.

I definitely recommend everybody read this book! And then go see the movie! I’m super excited to watch it! (I’m writing this from the end of October and I haven’t watched it yet, but, by the time this review goes up, I’ll probably have seen it!)

Have you read The Hate U Give? What are your thoughts on it? Have you watched the movie? Did you like it? Let me know down below!

Happy Reading!

Love, Lece

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