where did i go?

i basically haven’t touched my computer since before Christmas. crazy, i know. i didn’t mean to take a break from blogging. it just sort of happened. but i was super busy over the holidays.

so i had a great Christmas and i don’t really have any news for you guys. basically i just got busy and i didn’t have time to write anything. i really didn’t have time to read at all during December honestly.

i was dog-sitting and house-sitting from December 19-January 8. obviously that means that i wasn’t home and i don’t have a laptop, so i couldn’t write posts or schedule any. before that, i think i was doing pretty good at posting regularly and keeping up with my blog.

but don’t worry guys…i’m back!! i have some posts planned and i have some goals set for my blog and my youtube channel. i’m really excited for 2019!! so definitely stay tuned guys.

i hope you’re having a great day, night, or afternoon wherever you are.

and thanks for sticking around!

Love, Lece

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